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"'I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.  Do you believe this?'"                   John 11: 25-26




     Although it has the fewest days, even in a leap year, February always seems like a month to simply endure.  Winter has dragged on, it's cold and dark.  March brings an end to all that encompasses Winter.  March means Spring!  Oh yes, over the years, we've had some monster snow storms in March; but we remember how quickly they melted away under the warming sun and lengthening days.   

     So, with the arrival of March, we've turned a corner in the seasons.  We've arrived in a season of hope and optimism.  Things like discouraging results in last year's garden are past and forgotten.  Now we eagerly plan new flower beds and vegetable patches.  We check out our warm weather wardrobe and doff the heavy clothing. And, on warm days, we even open the windows and take deep breaths of fresh air.  Welcome, March!

     March 2016 brings us not just the climatic change, though. Toward the end of this month, the Good News of the Resurrection will come to us as well.  Easter, the time of celebration of the hope, indeed the assurance, that our debt has been paid in full.  We have been redeemed.  This very knowledge should introduce a feeling of optimism in this sin-sick world.   

     All of this, after enduring the 40 days of Lent.   We'll have spent time in self-examination, meditation, and in depressing days observing how so much is so far from God's will in this world in which we live. Just like February, however, Lent comes to an end.  And just like March, although Holy Week includes some awful events, we finally come to the empty tomb on Easter Sunday. 

     For all of us, this time of the year provides a season of hope, not just because of the weather.  Thanks to the Resurrection, we can plan for a future that brings much more than just a temporary change in the weather. 

     Each person, throughout this world, at some point, must make a decision: to accept or to reject the Risen Christ as their Savior and God.  This may be the year for some - perhaps someone you love.  Boldly share the Easter story with all you meet.  You may be the one to tip the scale and bring a lost sheep into the fold.  

     Easter Blessings to all!




As a new season rolls around, some have found it good to celebrate a new year with a bigger number.  Enjoy your special day and keep on countin'!

2  -  Geoff and Amy Stanley 25th wedding anniversary.

10 - Eric Cashman birthday.

18 - Patti Apgar birthday.

26 - Anna Lippincott birthday.

27 - Marilyn Trippeda birthday.

Best wishes and congratulations to each of you from your church family.  May your special day be one of those nice spring days.

            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The cold bug/flu virus or something else pretty nasty tackled several folks recently.  Harry Taylor, Diana Cashman, Amy Stanley, Isaac Stanley, and most recently Pastor Geoff, have all been laid low and found it difficult to get back into their routines.  Praise the Lord for those who have recovered and keep praying for those who are still struggling.

It has been nice to see Gloria Markle attending worship services more often.  However, she is still struggling with low energy level and assorted little problems.  Keep her in prayer for reviving strength and total healing.

Dave Derbyshire was discharged from Lifequest Rehab unit on February 26 to continue his recovery from a broken hip at home.  He continues to have pain and weakness and needs prayers for healing.

Pray for our military folks, especially Paul Stofonak, John W. Potter, Kyle Trippeda, Mark Washburn and Alex Falkner.  Ask the Lord to keep them safe and to help them to serve honorably.

Keep our Holland Church in prayer. We are the church. Pray for wisdom and compassion for those in positions of authority. Pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit within each heart. And ask for opportunities to carry the Light unto those we encounter throughout the week.

Pray for those in positions of leadership in this country, that they would feel a sense of duty and honesty in carrying out their responsibilities for the welfare of all of its citizens.  And, as we think of those who are seeking election for the most important positions in our country, ask for wisdom so that our selections are according to God's will.

Pray for all those who are grieving the loss of loved ones; for those who are facing serious challenges - with their health, financially, with concerns about loved ones, or any one of the many worries that distract folks from feeling the blessings and peace of knowing the presence of the Holy Spirit.  

Pray for Peace.


Prayer Concerns
God Hears and Answers Prayer

Keep those of our church family who are homebound in prayer as they struggle with health and/or other issues that make daily living a challenge.


            Pauline Search

            Dave Derbyshire

            Madeline Templeton

            Sandy Nauman

            Irene Nauman


Thanks to the members of our Board of Deacons for keeping in touch with with our shut-ins by phone or note.


Email us with your prayer requests

May you have

walls to keep out the wind,

a roof to keep out the rain,

warm drinks by the fire,

laughter to cheer you

those you love near you,

and all that your heart may desire,

including the love of God within.

                                             An Irish blessing

   In Scripture, the number three is thought to symbolize completeness - above all, in the Holy Trinity.  Dating back centuries, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Holy Week are, in some Christian practices, called Triduum, or The Three Days.

   How appropriate, then, to allow three Christ-followers from different time periods to remind us of the wonder God enacted during those three days:


"God put the wrong on [Christ] who never did anything wrong, so we could be put right with God."                   St. Paul


"Through this blessed exchange, in which Christ changes places with us (something the heart can grasp only in faith), and through nothing else, are we freed from sin and death and given his righteousness and life as our own."                 Martin Luther


"Nails didn't hold God to a cross.  Love did.  The sinless one took on the face of a sinner so that we sinners could take on the face of a saint."                 Max Lucado



Jesus began his ministry by being hungry,
yet He is the Bread of Life.

Jesus ended his earthly ministry by being thirsty,
yet He is the Living Water.

Jesus was weary,
yet He is our rest.

Jesus paid tribute,
yet He is the King.

Jesus was accused of having a demon,
yet He cast out demons.

Jesus wept,
yet He wipes away our tears.

Jesus was sold for 30 pieces of silver,
yet He redeemed the world.

Jesus was brought as a lamb to the slaughter,
yet He is the Good Shepherd.

Jesus died,
yet by His death He destroyed the power of death.




      March 13



                       Scholarship news 
 2015 Scholarships were awarded to four students for their college studies this year.  Recipients were:
      Joseph Lewis, grandson of Bob and Nettie Rainey, who is a junior
        at Western Connecticut State, studying Music Education.
      Emily Wedderman, granddaughter of Bob and Arlene Wedderman;
        and a freshman at Northampton Community College, majoring in   
      Alyssa More, granddaughter of Joan LeVine.  She is a freshman at
        Vassar College and will probably major in writing and
        communications, although undecided at the moment.
     Sara More, granddaughter of Joan LeVine, a junior at Juniata College.
        She is majoring in Professional Writing/Health Communications.

Each student received a $1,000 scholarship award to help defray the huge cost of getting an education.

Keep each of them in prayer as they experience the new world of opportunities, but also of temptations.




Loose Change Sunday  
Don’t forget the passing of the "Make a Joyful Noise" jar at the end of the service on the first Sunday of the month.  Another of the deacons’ outreach projects, the loose coins accumulate until there are enough to send in to provide free phone cards to our men and women in the service.  One can only imagine the Joyful Noise when a lonely service person is handed a free phone card to call home and hear a familiar voice.
Please note that the Deacons' meetings have been changed to the first Sunday of each month.  Their meeting will be on March 6th this month. 



It is spring again.  The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.


Holland Church note cards are now available.  Five notes with envelopes for $6.00.  Featuring a lovely painting of Holland Church, you’ll want to use them often.  See any deacon.  They’re really nice and would make memorable gifts! 


 A message from Meals on Wheels in Hunterdon:

Meals on Wheels needs volunteer drivers in your area. Serve your homebound senior neighbors a hot noontime meal. The commitment to drive is only once a month. It will take only an hour or two once a month to get that good feeling of giving. Call our office at (908) 284-0735 to offer your time or for more information. Help us, help others. Many thanks.