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"The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him.

It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord."

                                                Lamentations 3:25-26



   We wish, for everyone, a happy and healthy 2015!
The years roll by, rather too quickly for many of us. Not that we fear that the end is closer, but that we seem to be falling behind. It seems like every year brings more to do ... more paperwork, more things that need repair, more numbers to memorize, more projects that have carried over from old lists.
However, we forge ahead, into a new year, full of resolutions to do better. We have to be, however, a little more realistic, and suspect it will only be a few weeks before what gathers on the To-Do list will outnumber the entries on the Done list. Perhaps our number one resolution should be to make time for relaxing, reading the Bible, and pondering the blessings in our lives. It makes for a healthy balance to the stress of worrying about what needs to be accomplished.
As we get older, our accumulating years teach us that each new year will bring good times and bad. We'll experience moments of joy and happiness and satisfaction. We'll also experience moments of sadness and tension and fear. Most assuredly, it helps not to take the world's problems upon our shoulders, as visited upon us with every evening's newscast. While it is good to be aware of, and even pray about, events on the other side of the earth, it's a lot easier to confine our serious concerns and our energy to the radius of our family and community. We cannot help refugees fleeing from war-torn countries, but we can donate a coat or two to the local rescue mission. We can't reassure a crying child, scared after a tornado; but we can hug a child sobbing when lost in a department store. Needs exist every-where. God has put us here. God's hands will offer help and support through kind and compassionate people in every corner of this earth. Let's make this a year in which we are His helping hands in this part of the world. May our New Year be blessed with many opportunities to be His hands - reassuring, supporting, praying and working.




 Our Church Family

There are those who like to get this getting-older thing over early, and there are those who procrastinate until the last moment... actually, most of us can't recall having had any say in the matter.  For those who will get it over quickly, our congratulations and have a happy day.


2  - Chloe Hance birthday.

       Paul Kuphal birthday

        Linda Scheurle birthday

5  - Joan LeVine birthday.

28 - Isaac Stanley birthday.


May each of you have a day in which many people remember to express their good wishes, and a meal topped off with a huge birthday cake.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Gloria Markle continues to go through some rough chemotherapy treatments and needs ongoing prayer treatments from her church family.  Praise the Lord for some reduction in the size of the tumor, but keep praying for relief from pain and return of energy as well as a successful outcome from the treatments.


Also keep Marcelle Figlo in prayer as she makes a slow recovery from her surgery and infection.  Give thanks for the success of her treatments for Hep C, and pleas for relief from her struggles to restore her health.


Carrie Shaffer needs ongoing prayer as she struggles with the difficulties brought on by repeated strokes.  Give thanks for her fighting spirit and for the loyal family members who work to keep her able to live in her home.


Jeff Wedderman is, hopefully, on the road to recovery, after a serious encounter with a virus (?) that led to a high fever and upper respiratory symptoms.  All this on top of an aching tooth that needs a root canal when he recovers.  Pray for rapid healing for everything.

The sympathy of the church family to the family of Bertha Scott Lippincott Fowler on December 20.  She spent most of her life in Holland Township, but had moved to Costa Mesa, California, near her daughter, Mary Elizabeth, a few years ago.  Bertha and her husband, Charles A. Lippincott, joined Holland Church on New Year's Eve morning in 1954.  Both served the church in many capacities.  Charles died in the ‘70's, and Bertha continued to be a part of the church for several years more before moving to Phillipsburg.

A funeral service was held on December 29 in Phillipsburg.  She is survived by her sister, Carrie Shaffer, her son, Charles Lippincott and his wife, Eileen, her great nephew, Eric Cashman and his wife, Diana, and her great niece, Jill Woodring and her husband, William, as well as many others outside the church family.


Keep in prayer for comfort for Nettie and Bob Rainey and Nettie's sister after the sudden death of Nettie's brother-in-law in November.  Keep the Raineys in prayer for safe travel as they help her sister during this time.


Keep all of our service people in prayer during these uneasy days as they serve our country far from home:

Paul Stofonak, Kyle Trippeda, Mark Washburn, Alex Falkner and John W. Potter.  Keep their families back home in prayer as they try to cope without a vital person available to share the load help make the decisions.


Pray that 2015 will bring peace between nations and between individuals.


Always keep Holland Church, her leaders, and her efforts to bring the message of Hope, Justice and Peace to this corner of the world, in your prayers. 



Prayer Concerns
God Hears and Answers Prayer

Keep our shut-ins in prayer and also in contact.  Let them feel our concern and receive encouragement from we who are able to get out and about. 

Special prayers


            Carrie Shaffer

            Dave Derbyshire

            Madeline Templeton

            Sandy and Irene Nauman

            Pauline Search



Email us with your prayer requests

Tax collectors and the lame,
blind and mute and lepers came.
Those with thirst and many sores,
came to Jesus by the scores.
"Help me, heal me, Lord," they prayed.
Jesus knew that all had strayed.
So he took their sins and loss
on his shoulders to the cross -
Helping, healing all the strays,
always giving God the praise.




A man's wisdom gives him patience;

it is to his glory to overlook offense.

                            Proverbs 19:11

~Christmas Memories~

     The Holland church family has come through another Advent, Christmas and Epiphany season with many happy memories, as ever.  The Christmas Brunch launched the season from a food perspective - always important at Holland.  Another lovely Advent wreath, aromatic greens and candles helped make the sanctuary a place of peace and beauty.  An enthusiastic New Year's Eve Open House brought in a good turnout with music, puzzles, and, yes, more food.  But, perhaps from the viewpoint of those who participated, one of the high-lights of the season was piling into cars and going up to Carrie Shaffer's home on Christmas Eve to stand right outside and sing carols to Carrie as she sat, surrounded by four generations of her family.  The Spirit of Christmas surrounded us all through the season.  Thanks to all who made it special.

Thank you!
      This note was recently received by the Raineys and we share it with everyone.

Holland Presbyterian Church: December 2014

     I wish to thank everyone that participated in the wish for warm clothing to place in Handmade Sleeping Bags for the Homeless.

     Mr. and Mrs. Rainey carried my message to your church and your Response was touching.

     Many of the Recipients are Homeless Veterans.  I was involved in a like Project twenty five years ago "My Brother's Keeper," and now once again our hearts go out to those people.

These people have nothing but a sleeping Bag and a few items of clothing, "Imagine your total life's possessions were just that - a sleeping bag and a few items of clothing!  Sad beyond words!"

     Please keep this mission going: items for this project.  My deepest heart felt thank you.

                                    Frank Edwin Albrecht

     It would appear that this is exactly what was meant in the opening column.  "Needs exist everywhere.  God has put us here."  Let's consider this a mission here: close to our homes and close to our hearts.



      We didn't really forget, but we ran out of room in the December newsletter.  We were going to sum up the Holiday Bazaar - remember? - held back in November.

     It seemed like everyone had a good time.  As usual, food was a big seller, both at the lunch counter and on the bake table.  Attic treasures seemed to disappear, and at least some of the vendors made out quite well.  But, of course, the big attraction is the quilt raffle.  Slyly,  the drawing is held off until the end of the day, so that the tension can build and everything that can be sold, is. 

      The lovely hand-stitched quilt was won by Courtney Hanisek, Bob and Arlene Wedderman's great-grand-daughter.  The afghan was won by G. Rader, and the pillows by one of Paul Figlo's co-workers, C. Duhart.       

     Lots of thanks go out to all the church folk who made this event possible - it's a lot of work, but everybody seemed to enjoy the day - workers and customers.



At their August meeting, the Session awarded two $1,000 scholarships to our college students: 

Joseph Lewis, grandson of Bob and Nettie Rainey, who will be a sophomore at Western Connecticut State College, studying Music.
Amanda Smith, granddaughter of our organist, Linda Schuerle, who will be a junior at Penn State, and is studying Elementary Education.

We’re happy to be able to assist these two in getting their education, and we wish them well through this coming year. 


     The first Sunday of each month is Loose Change Sunday.  What does that mean?  A large jar will be waiting as you enter the church.  This jar will have an opening just large enough to accept your loose change.  Where does it go?  When sufficient funds have accumulated, the deacons send it to an organization that converts the money into phone cards for our men and women serving in the military.  What a great idea!  So empty your pockets, pour out your loose change jar and clean off the bureau so that our servicemen and women can call home and let their loved ones hear their voices. 




                  Come to Bible Study    

Everyone is invited to come to the Prayer Room at noon on Wednesdays, bag lunch in hand - and your Bible if you desire - for a stimulating ongoing video series, followed by discussions.  We'll deviate from the schedule a little bit on January 7 in order to remove the greens that made our sanctuary so lovely through the Advent season.  There will be no Bible Study on January 21 due to the pastor's schedule.


Holland Church note cards are now available.  Five notes with envelopes for $6.00.  Featuring a lovely painting of Holland Church, you’ll want to use them often.  See any deacon.  They’re really nice! 


   A Sunday School teacher shared the parable of the prodigal son with his class, pointing out how resentful the older son was when the father welcomed the wayward brother home with open arms and a party.

   Amid the celebration, the teacher emphasized, someone in the story failed to share in the joy.  "Can you tell me who that was?" the teacher asked.

   Eagerly, a little girl raised her hand.  "I know, I know!" she exclaimed.  "The fatted calf!"


If God were small enough to be understood, he would not be big enough to be worshiped.


All things in life are temporary.  If going well, enjoy it, they will not last forever.   If going wrong, don't worry, they can't last long either.




Angels, explained by children~


It’s not easy to become an angel!  First, you die.  Then you go to Heaven, and then there’s still the flight training to go through.  And then you got to agree to wear those angel clothes.    Matthew, age 9


Some of the angels are in charge of helping heal sick animals and pets.  And if they don’t make the animals get better, they help the child get over it.

                                                                         Vicki, age 8


What I don’t get about angels is why, when someone is in love, they shoot arrows at them.

                                                                         Sarah, age 7

  A cartoon in the British publication Punch portrayed a man praying at his bedside.  He said to the Lord, “Is there some way you could help me, but make it look like I did it all myself?” 



 A message from Meals on Wheels in Hunterdon:

Meals on Wheels needs volunteer drivers in your area. Serve your homebound senior neighbors a hot noontime meal. The commitment to drive is only once a month. It will take only an hour or two once a month to get that good feeling of giving. Call our office at (908) 284-0735 to offer your time or for more information. Help us, help others. Many thanks.