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“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord  as a reward.  It is the Lord Christ you are serving.”

                                         Colossians 3: 23-24

     Although we’ve had a few sparkling clear, low humidity days with noticeably cool evenings – just enough to hint of fall – we usually hang on to just a little more summer weather as we head into September.  But once we celebrate Labor Day, it seems like our minds slip into autumn mode no matter what the weather.  Kids fall into the school routine, vacations have become just a memory, and loads of organizations get busy planning and providing all kinds of activities and events.

     We’re no different at Holland Church:  right away in September we’ll be eating our way through the good food offered at the annual Church Picnic, and relaxing to good music right afterward.  In October, it’s our 74th annual Ham Supper; in November, it’s the Holiday Bazaar…  And on we go, through this busy time of the year.

     Almost every organization has a core group of folks who do most of the work, and we’re no different.  But we  hope that everyone will feel a desire to be a part of the core group for at least one of our activities, considering it an opportunity to share the Gospel with those we serve – if only by our friendliness, – and to support our fellow workers as we work side by side.

     Serving on a team which is serving others is almost guaranteed to bring joy and satisfaction.  Oh yes, it will probably leave you weary – but it’s a weariness that leaves you with enough energy to smile as you recall what you’ve accomplished.  And yes, it probably interfered with something you also had to do – but is there much you have to do that couldn’t wait?  Serving on a team which is serving others also provides opportunities to encourage one another, to share feelings, and to learn how much we all care about one another.

     And all of this should open our eyes to how much the Holy Spirit is working right along with us.  How often a timely opening comes to us, enabling us to help or comfort or lift someone up, when the Holy Spirit is present.  With that knowledge, it seems important that  we should approach, and carry out, each of our endeavors – with all our heart, as to the Lord.  For we serve the Lord Christ.


Our Church Family

Our church family will mark some important milestones during September.  We hope that all of those who are celebrating will have a wonderful day – decorated with cards, cake and beloved chums.


11 – Henry Marsteller birthday.


12 – Bob and Nettie Rainey 50th wedding anniversary!


14 – Pastor Geoff Stanley birthday.

       Cali Travers 2nd birthday.


17 – LaRue Hooper birthday.


24 – John F. Potter birthday.


28 – Diana Cashman birthday.


All of these are very special people to us.  We ask God to bless them in the coming year, and we thank God for making them a part of our church family.


            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


While we mention those having birthdays, we hang our head in shame at missing, not one, but two birthdays in August.  Belated good wishes for happiness and health to Bob Trippeda, (August 14) and Gloria Markle, (August 25).


Gloria Markle did her best to enjoy good health, but it all went in a flash when a German shepherd leaped onto her and bit her twice.  So far, she’s recovering with the help of antibiotics and band-aids, but awaiting the end of the dog’s quarantine period for the possibility of rabies.

Keep her in prayer as she struggles with other health issues, as well.


Pray for rapid healing and full recovery for Jean Willever who sustained a broken nose in a fall.  Fortunately, that was her only injury, but it was bad enough, and our prayers will help the recovery process.


Marcelle Figlo continues to struggle to recover from a serious illness this summer.  She has been able to return to church a couple of times and even resumed her post teaching and leading Sunday School, but she still needs to recover her strength and deal with medications.  Keep her in prayer as she tries to get back to full strength.


After a couple of weeks spent at summer camp, our Tammy Hall has returned, cheerfully greeting everyone.  Offer a prayer of thanksgiving for her presence in our midst.


Keep our service men and women in prayer, especially as disturbing and frightening headlines greet us each day.  Especially name Kyle Trippeda, now headed homeward after his long cruise, Paul Stofonak, now back in Afghanistan, Mark Washburn, Alex Falkner and John W. Potter.  Pray for encouragement during the trying times, and deep roots that will carry them through the temptation times.


Pray for peace.


Keep Holland Church in prayer, both for her leaders, and for her mission.  Give thanks for her musicians and for all her workers.  Pray for support and encouragement for our Sunday School teachers and students.  There is much we don’t know about personal struggles and concerns affecting individual members of our congregation – pray for spiritual strength for each person.


And when you’ve run out of things and people to pray for, give thanks.


Ask God’s blessing on all the students returning to their studies at the end of this month – that they would be safe and that they would realize the value of education.


Give thanks for those who serve the Lord – on foreign mission fields, in places of desperate living conditions, in our inner cities, and within this very church.  Pray for an ongoing sense of dedication, for inspiration and for a real sense of God’s presence in all of our lives.




Prayer Concerns
God Hears and Answers Prayer

Keep our shut-ins in prayer and also in contact.  Let them feel our concern and receive encouragement from we who are able to get out and about. 

Special prayers



Madeline Templeton
Pauline Search
Sandy and Irene Nauman
Carrie Shaffer

Email us with your prayer requests

   Having trouble dealing with those negative unChrist-like thoughts that make you feel less than a child of God?  An unknown Celt, who struggled with the same problem centuries ago, wrote this prayer:   

God help my thoughts!
               They stray from me,setting off
                   on the wildest journeys.
               When I am in church,
               they run off
                   like naughty children,
quarreling, making trouble. …

                Dear chaste, Christ,
                who can see into every heart
                and read every mind,
                take hold of my thoughts.
                Bring my good thoughts
                   back to me
                and clasp me to yourself. 


                                  Life is too short ~
         Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness.
                             Laugh when you can,
                   Apologize when you should &    
                 Let go of what you can’t change.


At their last meeting, the Session awarded two $1,000 scholarships to our college students: 

Joseph Lewis, grandson of Bob and Nettie Rainey, who will be a sophomore at Western Connecticut State College, studying Music.
Amanda Smith, granddaughter of our organist, Linda Schuerle, who will be a junior at Penn State, and is studying Elementary Education.

We’re happy to be able to assist these two in getting their education, and we wish them well through this coming year. 


     The first Sunday of each month is Loose Change Sunday.  What does that mean?  A large jar will be waiting as you enter the church.  This jar will have an opening just large enough to accept your loose change.  Where does it go?  When sufficient funds have accumulated, the deacons send it to an organization that converts the money into phone cards for our men and women serving in the military.  What a great idea!  So empty your pockets, pour out your loose change jar and clean off the bureau so that our servicemen and women can call home and let their loved ones hear their voices. The Holiday Bazaar quilt is nearing the finish line.  It has now been mounted on a frame to do the stitching on the hems.  If you like to quilt, see Marilyn Trippeda for the quilting work times. We have enjoyed the flowers in front of the pulpit all through the summer, thanks to the deacons.  If you would like to provide flowers during September, let a deacon know.  In a marvelous use of the assembly line, Marilyn Trippeda (with her sewing machine), Joan LeVine (who got the material), Nettie Rainey and Gloria Markle spent a day in the Prayer Room measuring, cutting, sewing, and mounting new valences for all the windows in the Prayer Room.  Be sure to spend a little time admiring the results of their industry.  And a word of thanks to each of them for making our Prayer Room look more cheerful.


We thank the two substitute organists who filled in for vacationing Linda Scheurle during August.  Pat Kadelock from Springtown, PA, was on the bench on August 17; and Jill Gombosi from Mechanicsville, PA, served as organist on August 31.  We’re very grateful for their helping to make our worship more musical and joyful.  We’re also very grateful for the music ministry of Linda through the year.  There’s something about having an organ playing that makes worship more beautiful.

Holland Church note cards are now available.  Five notes with envelopes for $6.00.  Featuring a lovely painting of Holland Church, you’ll want to use them often.  See any deacon.  They’re really nice! 


A cartoon in the British publication Punch portrayed a man praying at his bedside.  He said to the Lord, “Is there some way you could help me, but make it look like I did it all myself?” 

The worst thing you can do for the ones you love are the things they could and should do for themselves. 

 The young pastor found himself at a loss for direction when he was called upon for his first funeral.  Immediately he put in a call to the professor who had taught pastoral care in seminary.  After telling the professor his name, he said desperately, “Phil, what do you do at a funeral?”The teacher reminded him that they had covered the  topic in class.  “I know we did,” the neophyte answered, “but this guy is really dead!”



 A message from Meals on Wheels in Hunterdon:

Meals on Wheels needs volunteer drivers in your area. Serve your homebound senior neighbors a hot noontime meal. The commitment to drive is only once a month. It will take only an hour or two once a month to get that good feeling of giving. Call our office at (908) 284-0735 to offer your time or for more information. Help us, help others. Many thanks.