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“There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it.  His appearance was like lightning, and his clothes were white as snow.  … The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified.  He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.  Come and see the place where he lay.  Then go quickly and tell his disciples.”

                                                Matthew 28: 2-3, 5-7

It seems quite amazing, but we are entering the month of April with scarcely any signs of spring.  As we come to the end of March, there are still piles of snow to be seen rather than crocuses or daffodils.  The grass is only hinting of green through its winter brown – but at least we can see the grass! – and the trees refuse to send out leaves or blossoms.  In terms of spring thaw, however, it has been gentle and deliberate, with no threats of floods or wild winds; and for that we give thanks. 

Although we know that Passover occurs in the spring month of Abib [Exodus 23:15], we also know that, in the year of Jesus' crucifixion, it was still chilly, for Peter was sitting by the fire warming himself with others during Jesus' trial, as mentioned in three of the gospels.  While Easter, as observed in 2015, will probably also be chilly, for most, the highlights of the day will include spring flowers, as well as candy and perhaps an Easter ham.  Somehow one suspects that, during that tumultuous week that we call Holy Week, the arrival of spring and the daily weather never occurred to those who were involved in the terrible events leading up to the crucifixion, nor to those who were so astonished on Resurrection Day.

For many folks, Easter is observed by, hopefully, attending a worship service, but then they're off to visit family and friends, perhaps bearing a gift of potted tulips or a box of candy.  Do such gifts remind us of Spring?… or of the Resurrection? 

As we greet our friends on Easter, are we able to also comprehend the disbelief/joy/belief emotional maelstrom that encircled the disciples on that first Easter?  In order to fully appreciate the miracle of Easter, did we spend time on Maundy Thursday or Good Friday pondering the confusing, frightening and rapidly evolving events of that 24-hour period so long ago?  Can we understand the meaning, for each of us, of the Crucifixion?  And, in the end, on Easter Sunday and each day of our lives, are we continually overwhelmed with gratitude for an act so incomprehensible as to sacrifice one’s Life for unworthy sinners – for us? 

     Enjoy the Spring weather, admire the revival of the growing things, revel in the sounds of nature, have a blessed and joyful Easter, but don’t let a day go by without a prayer of thanks for your salvation.


Our Church Family

Spring brings on more than just showers and flowers.  We seem to have quite a few birthdays to celebrate,plus one anniversary, in the month of April.  What a joy to share a nice warm day (we hope) with a little cake and ice cream and good friends!


19 – Tammy Hall birthday.


20 – Jean Willever birthday.


21 – Mike and LaRue Hooper wedding anniversary.


26 – Virginia Derbyshire birthday.


27 – Marcelle Figlo birthday.


28 – Eileen Lippincott birthday.


29 – Amy Stanley birthday.


Many blessings and best wishes to each of you on your special day.


  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Keep praying for Gloria Markle as she does double battle with an eye problem and embarks on a new schedule of radiation treatments.  Pray for strength, a good appetite, hope and a good sense of humor as she fends off the blows of health problems.


Say a little prayer for Henry Marsteller as he recovers from dental work after suffering a large chip in his tooth at a spaghetti dinner (not ours).


Keep those in our congregation who will be travelling in prayer as they spend Easter with their families in faraway places.  Pray for safe travel and joy in the family visits.


Keep our organist, Linda Scheurle, in prayer as she has had an infection in her foot, and – salt in the wound –  problems with her new medical insurance.  Pray for complete healing and full coverage.


Keep Pastor Geoff and Amy in prayer as they battle the common cold.  (Geoff generously shared his with his wife).    Give thanks for their energy and enthusiasm as he leads our little flock, and she gives him support.


Give prayers of thanks for those in our congregation who work hard to keep our mission going through teaching, cooking, cleaning, maintaining and more.  We also hope this will be the last month to give thanks for those who removed snow in the previous month.

 Keep all the folks in the military in prayer as they serve   in a world that has perverted or rejected God’s offering of unconditional love, but which rather has chosen violence and hatred.  Especially keep Kyle Trippeda, Paul Stofonak, Mark Washburn, John W. Potter and Alex Falkner – all dear to our church family – in prayer for protection and for a strong faith, in a troubled world.


Keep Holland Church in your prayers as it seeks to provide uplifting worship and meaningful outreach with its small congregation.  Give thanks for its willing workers and ask for encouragement and wisdom as it seeks to share the Gospel through an evangelical mission.


Pray for peace – in this world, in our homes and in our hearts and minds.


Prayer Concerns
God Hears and Answers Prayer

At this holy time of the church year, it’s especially important to keep our shut-ins in our prayers.  It’s also nice to let them know that we’re thinking of them by sending a note or making a visit or calling on the telephone.  We know they will appreciate knowing that we care – and you’ll feel good for making the contact.


            Carrie Shaffer

            Pauline Search

            Madeline Templeton

            Sandy Nauman

            Irene Nauman

            Dave Derbyshire

            Gloria Markle


Email us with your prayer requests

Morning breaks upon the tomb,
Jesus scatters all its gloom.
Day of triumph through the skies—
See the glorious Saviour rise.
Christians! Dry your flowing tears,
Chase those unbelieving fears;
Look on his deserted grave,
Doubt no more his power to save.
Ye who are of death afraid,
Triumph in the scattered shade:
Drive your anxious cares away,
See the place where Jesus lay.

Indulge for Lent?

   Rather than sacrificing something for Lent – especially something easy and spiritually insignificant, such as chocolate – Patty Kirk, in Guideposts magazine, suggests finding new ways to indulge in God’s presence.  Surely one can do this by having extra devotions or attending Lenten worship services.  But Kirk offers these ideas:

     *Spend time outdoors, sensing God’s magnificence.

     *Spend time with others, extending generosity and   

         compassion.  Remember Jesus’ promise that

         when you care for others, you care for Him

         (Matthew 25:31-46).

      *Pray, even for the “little things”, coming before

         God in childlike trust and feeling His peace.

      *Watch attentively for God’s answers to prayer, and

         receive them as reminders of His presence.

      *Turn anxiety into prayer.  As you frame concerns

         as prayers and entrust them to God, you

         “sacrifice” the tendency to wallow in worry.



" ...for lo, the winter is past,

the rain is over and gone. 

The flowers appear on the earth,

the time of singing has come,

and the voice of the turtledove is

heard in our land."

             Song of Solomon 2:11-12 RSV


     Congratulations and much admiration to Bob Trippeda after he took the wood carvers’ show by storm with his hand carved and painted Carousel Horse.  He was awarded a blue ribbon for Best in Category and, even better, a blue ribbon for Best in Show.  Much has come from Bob’s workshop over the years, all of it beautiful and artistic.  Congratulations, Bob.

 Congratulations to Virginia Derbyshire, who received an award from the National Weather Service for 25 years of continuous weather observations at her hilltop residence in Springtown, PA  

Keep our Scholarship students in prayer....

Joseph Lewis, grandson of Bob and Nettie Rainey, who will be a sophomore at Western Connecticut State College, studying Music.
Amanda Smith, granddaughter of our organist, Linda Schuerle, who will be a junior at Penn State, and is studying Elementary Education.

We’re happy to be able to assist these two in getting their education, and we wish them well through this coming year. 


The March Soup Sale was held in the Christian Education Center on the 25th.  The flavor of the month was Vegetable Beef.  Yum!  There are still some quarts available for sale for $6:00 a quart.  The date of the April sale has yet to be determined.  Keep tuned. 
The first Sunday of each month is Loose Change Sunday.  What does that mean?  A large jar will be waiting as you enter the church.  This jar will have an opening just large enough to accept your loose change.  Where does it go?  When sufficient funds have accumulated, the deacons send it to an organization that converts the money into phone cards for our men and women serving in the military.  What a great idea!  So empty your pockets, pour out your loose change jar and clean off the bureau so that our servicemen and women can call home and let their loved ones hear their voices. 





              There's an app for that!


These days, there’s a smartphone app for just about everything. But what about spiritual concerns? Where can you turn?

• Depressed? Try the joy app. Read Isaiah 51:11.
• Tired? Try the renewal app. Read Isaiah 40:30-31.
• Unsettled? Try the peace app. Read Philippians

• Unloved? Try the love app. Read Romans 8:38-

• Worried? Try the refuge app. Read Psalm 46:1.
• Fearful? Try the power app. Read 2 Timothy 1:7.
• Guilty? Try the forgiveness app. Read Colossians

• Praying? Try the prayer app. Read 1 John 5:14-15.

The Scriptures are God’s storehouse of meaningful applications for what we face every day. Think of the Bible as the iTunes Store of spiritual apps. Best of all, everything’s free!

Holland Church note cards are now available.  Five notes with envelopes for $6.00.  Featuring a lovely painting of Holland Church, you’ll want to use them often.  See any deacon.  They’re really nice! 


I’ve learned that if you’re going to pray about something, why worry? If you’re going to worry, why pray?

   A couple entered a restaurant for breakfast.  The “Senior’s Special” was two eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast for $1.99.

   “Sounds good,” the wife said.  “But I don’t want the eggs.”

   Then I’ll have to charge you $2.49 because you’re ordering a la carte,” the waitress warned her.

   You mean I’d have to pay for not taking the eggs?” the woman asked incredulously.  “I’ll take the special.”

   “How do you want your eggs?”

   “Raw and in the shell.” 

She took the two eggs home and baked a cake.


Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.

The only trouble with Easter coming soon is that we have to walk through a graveyard to get there.


  A cartoon in the British publication Punch portrayed a man praying at his bedside.  He said to the Lord, “Is there some way you could help me, but make it look like I did it all myself?” 

 A message from Meals on Wheels in Hunterdon:

Meals on Wheels needs volunteer drivers in your area. Serve your homebound senior neighbors a hot noontime meal. The commitment to drive is only once a month. It will take only an hour or two once a month to get that good feeling of giving. Call our office at (908) 284-0735 to offer your time or for more information. Help us, help others. Many thanks.