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He maketh me to to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.”

                                                Psalm 23:2-3


    Good grief!  The summer’s almost gone!  Especially if your school days resume in August, as more and more schools are doing.  The weather has been rather typical for our eastern summers – a few days of hot and humid, followed by a good thunderstorm, followed by a few days of cooler, drier air.  Fortunately, no oppressive heat waves have worn us down and the rains have been adequate for good crops – mmm, taste that sweet corn!

   July was a somewhat less busy month at Holland Church, although some good things continued to happen.  Early in the month, the Holland Hikers hit the trail at Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary.  The church building is a little drier as the sun now shines where the dark spruce trees used to hold the moisture.  Daily Vacation Bible School was lots of fun; and, perhaps, the kids even learned some Bible stories.  And, at the end of the month, lots of our church family members gathered to plan ahead for October’s Ham Supper.

   We encourage everyone to hang on to this semi-rest mode for as long as possible during August. 

   Rest mode, however, does not mean idle mode.  Each day presents us with little moments in which we can serve the Lord.  Perhaps just a kind word will give comfort to someone who is grieving.  A visit, by phone or in person, can lift the spirits of someone confined to home or a senior residence.  An encouraging word can build a pathway out of the dark pit of discouragement for someone who has lost all hope.  A simple lesson for a child can plant a seed that grows into a strong faith.     

   Often, in serving the Lord, we have no idea of what we have accomplished.  Because, often, we do these little acts without forethought; it just comes from within, from the Holy Spirit, dwelling in us.  We may never get to see or hear the effect these acts have on the recipient, but God knows.

   Periodically, we do need rest.  Every so often, we have to enjoy some form of recreation to re-create our enthusiasm for what we do.  Occasionally, we have to    step away from the pressures of tight schedules and demanding commitments.  Traditionally, this comes during the warm summer months of the year.  Which is where we are right now.  So enjoy this pause in the activities of our church family’s year.  Because there’s much to do come September!

Our Church Family
There are just a few celebrating their special days this month, but they include some folks who are near and dear to our church family.
We hope each of you will wake up on your special day to find bright sunshine, low humidity, lots of greetings from friends and family, and perhaps a delicious cake on the kitchen counter.


3  - Arlene Wedderman birthday.

      Dolores Moore birthday.


15 – Paul Figlo birthday.


19 – Bill and Dolores Moore wedding anniversary.


25 - Gloria Markle birthday.


26 – Bob Wedderman birthday.


Congratulations and best wishes to each of you from your church family.

             * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


After a 4-week stay in the hospital, Marcelle Figlo has been able to come home to regain her strength after a serious infection, followed by an even worse infection, left her still having difficulty eating and needing a lot of rest.  Praise God for having brought her through, but keep praying for complete restoration of health and strength.  Keep husband, Paul, in prayer as well as he keeps the household going.


Keep Jeanne Dalrymple in prayer as she deals with another round of Lyme disease.  Pray that no further complications will arise and for increasing strength.


Pray that Tammy Hall is having a wonderful and fun time at her summer camp; and that God will keep her safe and happy until she returns to her church family.


Keep members of the family of Betty Kulp in prayer with several health issues and pray for comfort and hope for Betty and Bob as they keep up with the latest news from their family.


Keep Henry Marsteller and Dave Derbyshire in prayer as they go through physical therapy sessions – that the therapy will restore mobility and the ability to perform normal activities.


Pray for God’s presence and protection for Paul Stofonak as he returns to Afghanistan.  Pray that God will be close to Kyle Trippeda, Alex Falkner, Mark Washburn and John W. Potter as they serve this country in the military in various places around the world.


Keep praying for all our folks in the service and keep praying for Peace, even as we seem to be moving away from peace and forward to war.


Ask God’s blessing on all the students returning to their studies at the end of this month – that they would be safe and that they would realize the value of education.


Give thanks for those who serve the Lord – on foreign mission fields, in places of desperate living conditions, in our inner cities, and within this very church.  Pray for an ongoing sense of dedication, for inspiration and for a real sense of God’s presence in all of our lives.

Keep Pastor Geoff, our Sunday School staff, our choir and organist, and our officers in prayer.  Each of them provides what is needed at Holland Church – letting our light so shine … that others may see our good works, and glorify our Father in heaven.


Pray for those who have devoted their lives to taking the Word into dangerous, hostile places – in this country and on foreign shores; and pray for those who preach to churches and congregations which are “lukewarm and neither cold nor hot” [Revelations 3:16].
At the end of the day, praise the Lord for having been at your side every step of the way.  Give thanks for when you were able to resist temptation.  Repent and ask forgiveness for when you slipped away from His guiding hand.  Speak words of gratitude for those who showed love to you.  And when, finally, you crawl into bed, whisper words of gratefulness for rest and shelter and His presence.


Prayer Concerns
God Hears and Answers Prayer

Keep our shut-ins in prayer and also in contact.  Let them feel our concern and receive encouragement from we who are able to get out and about. 

Special prayers



Madeline Templeton
Pauline Search
Sandy and Irene Nauman
Carrie Shaffer

Email us with your prayer requests

We cannot change yesterday,
that is quite clear,
Nor start our tomorrow
until it is here,
But this is what all of us
surely can do -
Today we can trust Christ,
be faithful, be true.


                           Love makes our friends a little dearer.

                         Joy makes our hearts a little lighter.

                         Faith makes our paths a little clearer.

                         Hope makes our lives a little brighter.

                         Peace brings us all a little nearer.


   Vacation Bible School was a hoot this year.  There were stories from the Bible as told by a tall middle eastern rabbi in robe and sandles, adventures in chemistry, fun crafts, nature touch, smell and feel lessons.  Oh, and also great snacks – sometimes low in sugar and fat. 

   A HUGE Thank You to Laurie and Bill Hance for producing a well-organized week of WOW’s, to Pastor Geoff as storyteller and helper, to Amy who provided wonderful crafts, and to LaRue Hooper, Marilyn Trippeda and Nettie Rainey for making sure snack time was ready on time each evening.  We had four kids who attended every night and three others who made it some of the nights.  Although that seems like few kids, be assured that the adults had as much fun as the kids.


Holland Church note cards are now available.  Five notes with envelopes for $6.00.  Featuring a lovely painting of Holland Church, you’ll want to use them often.  See any deacon.  They’re really nice! 

  After an evening filled with vigorous sibling disagreements, three children finally turned in for the night.  A few hours later, a major thunderstorm woke them all up.  When their father heard the children conversing upstairs, he called to see what was happening.   A small timid voice answered, “We’re all in the closet forgiving one another!”


We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.


 A message from Meals on Wheels in Hunterdon:

Meals on Wheels needs volunteer drivers in your area. Serve your homebound senior neighbors a hot noontime meal. The commitment to drive is only once a month. It will take only an hour or two once a month to get that good feeling of giving. Call our office at (908) 284-0735 to offer your time or for more information. Help us, help others. Many thanks.